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Receive Landscaping & More From Triple S Lawn

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Triple S Lawn Gives You the Best Yard in Edmonton

When you need a professional company to tackle tedious chores of landscaping and more, you can trust Triple S Lawn. Our family-owned and -operated business has performed landscaping services and more for those in Edmonton since 2006. Our owner, Kolby, started working for his dad’s company back then and in 2018 decided to form his own with Triple S Lawn. Our team is there for you when your yard needs a pick-me-up or a complete makeover. When you are ready to turn your yard around, give our professional team a call to schedule a visit. We cannot wait to help you make your landscaping look its best.

Professional Landscaping Services & More

Using our experience and the industry’s best equipment, Triple S Lawn delivers unparalleled landscaping services and more. We ensure your yard is kept clean and stays beautiful all year long. Count on us whenever there is a problem with debris, dead leaves, snow, and more on your property. We provide the following services:

Commercial Landscaping and Snow Plowing

Not only do we help homeowners in the Edmonton area, but we have expanded to assisting commercial businesses to look their best as well. When the snow comes down, you can rely on us to pave your parking lot, so your customers feel safe when they need to shop. Having professional landscaping will also help draw in new clientele. It helps create a great first impression when visiting your store or office.

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