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Get the Best Lawn Possible With Triple S Lawn

Are you looking to improve your lawn? Does your current property look unhealthy? The professional Triple S Lawn helps by providing your grass with precisely what it needs to not only survive but thrive in your yard. Having worked on lawns in Edmonton for over ten years, we have become quite knowledgeable about what your soil and grass need to grow properly and fully. Using fertilizer and herbicide, we can give your lawn the best chance at survival by killing weeds and giving your grass food. These two work together to help your yard get healthy and meets its potential. When you are ready to turn your lawn around, call on the professionals at Triple S Lawn. We cannot wait to upgrade your front and backyard into something you can be proud of and to make your neighbors jealous.

Lawn weed and feed

How Fertilizer & Herbicide Application Works

Fertilizer and herbicide work together to destroy weeds in your yard while feeding the grass to help it grow thicker and fuller. Triple S Lawn can help find the best solution for your lawn’s needs if you cannot seem to rid your yard of crabgrass and other damaging weeds. Our team understands how these two solutions can work together to give you the best yard possible. Getting the proportions right helps take care of any pesky weeds in your lawn while giving the grass the nutrients necessary for better growth.

Edmonton Lawns Rely on Triple S Lawn

When looking to achieve your dream lawn, you need to consider what you are feeding it. Just like your body needs specific vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients to survive and thrive, so does your lawn. The Triple S Lawn experts will make their initial visit and assessment to decide which blend would be best for your lawn, and then we will move onto the fertilizer and herbicide application process.

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